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The cottage is all but forgotten now, left abandoned as it is, in such an out-of-the-way place, deep in the woods at the end of the lane, as the family that lived there once upon a time wanted it to be thought of, though in fact it wasn't a lane at all, just a gravel driveway curling off from the busier and better-known thruway, where a single mailbox stood sentry to the hidden property beyond. The name on the box was Bell, and that was the only indication that there might have been someone in residence down there. No address numbers and no gate either, just the car that Mr. Bell was steering carefully along that lane that was, in fact, his driveway winding through the trees that were bare and stark and shadowy because it was late fall, and the light had already left the sky. This was only the beginning, and so you weren't expecting to be afraid of anything except maybe the job itself, your first, as a babysitter for the child that belonged to the Bells... Read the whole story HERE